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Acknowledgements and bio

This paper would not have been possible without funding from Grant for the Web, an independently managed fund founded by Coil, Mozilla, and Creative Commons to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. Read the Grant for the Web charter.

While researching this paper, I drew on the ideas of many industry experts, and have done my best to acknowledge them throughout the paper. I would particularly like to thank Daniel Appelquist, Alexis Lloyd, David Stansbury, and Terence Eden who took the time to review an initial draft of the paper, and challenged me with their insightful feedback; Desigan Chinniah who introduced me to Web Monetization; and the Coil and Interledger teams who took the time to chat with me and answer questions early on in my research. Any errors and omissions in this paper are, however, entirely my own.

About the author

Stephanie Rieger is a designer, researcher, and product strategist with expertise in the sociocultural, economic, and systemic impacts of technology. A mobile industry veteran, Stephanie was co-founder and principal at yiibu, a small design studio that worked with some of the world's leading technology brands including Microsoft, Expedia, Intel, Nokia, Opera Software, and Mozilla. Stephanie currently works at Shopify, where she leads UX teams focussed on cross-border commerce.